Too Tired

You know, I am just too tired to write on more than one blog.  So, I am going to stop this one and concentrate on the other one and my Facebook business page.  When I get more energy, I’d like to spend it cooking, cleaning, etc. so there is no hope for this blog.  LOL  Come see me other places, and I hope you are doing well!  Christa

Airing out the House

Airing out the house of contamination when it is 7 degrees outside….weird MCS life.

Was doing fine. Hubs came through just to shower but brought enough chemical that I started coughing my guts up.  (I am extremely sensitive to this particular chemical, but there is nothing hubs can do about it until next week, very long story.) So, son opens my window, opens kitchen window with fan blowing out.

7 degrees.

Good thing I have a space heater next to me, and good thing only 10 minutes seemed to do the job pretty well.

Christa Upton   Edgemont, SD


Fat-Soluble Toxins and Toxicants

So apparently a lot of toxins (from mold or whatever) and toxicants (officially the name for chemical stuff that is toxic) are fat-soluble.

When our house got contaminated, we had trouble washing out our clothes.  When a friend gave me the idea, I tried soaking the clothes in milk.  It was like a miracle! Soaking for 2 hours and then rinsing basically took out all the poison.

So the other day hubs wiped the cat down with milk.  I do not know if it helped because I was too sick and tired to test him out.  But the cat enjoyed licking it off.  😀

Christa Upton    Edgemont, SD  57735


Sometimes I find it hard to cope with chronic illness.

Because of my beliefs, I will not choose alcoholism, drugs, or other addictions.

But sometimes I do choose chocolate, a good movie, a bath, a great book.

Even better can be a conversation with a good friend, sitting or walking out in nature, or time in support groups (online or in person if you can).

The problem is that none of these coping mechanisms last.  They run out, run short, do not fill, do not help permanently.

The only One Who can do that is God. We may not understand God and all His ways, but no one who trusts in Him will be disappointed.  This is because, even though we may never get justice for innocent suffering on earth, the trial is not over.  It is not over until God brings down His gavel on Judgment Day, and then we will get justice.  In fact, those who trust Him will get something we do not deserve: brilliantly beautiful and perfect heaven, because our sins will be covered by the blood of Jesus.

Would I Change My Chronic Illness If I Could?

If I had the ability to make my illness go away, forever, right now, would I?  YES.

But would I go back in time and make myself not ever have had this illness?  That is a harder question.  I would be in such a different place.  My character and perseverance would be less. I would not have published 8 books. I would not even live here in the beautiful Black Hills.  So…maybe.

So then, what would I miss if I took away my illness now?

I still think I would want to, though.

Christa Upton

Random Thoughts on Chronic Illness

So I think I will use this blog for random thoughts on chronic illness. No guarantees how often I post.  LOL

My first random thought–chronic illness stinks. A lot.

I have been in a lot of pain this year. I think from pesticides. I hate it. Some days I feel like I just cannot do it anymore.

But good can come from it all. Like learning patience, otherwise known as long suffering.